How to Install ESP8266 Deauther using Arduino IDE

How to Install ESP8266 Deauther using Arduino IDE


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Do you want to build your own ESP8266 Deauther? Here is the official installation guide for using Arduino IDE.

About the Project

The ESP8266 Deauther is a popular open-source pen-testing tool. You can test your own WiFi network against the common denial-of-service vulnerability called deauthentication attack. You can also use it to create the appearance of a lot of WiFi networks that are not really there to learn and experiment with WiFi.

And the best part, all you need is an ESP8266! Not sure which one to get? We made a post about development boards we recommend:


Before you can go and install the ESP8266 Deauther, make sure to have downloaded the project and the Arduino IDE.

  1. Download and install Arduino IDE:
  2. Download ESP8266 Deauther Firmware

Installation Steps

Follow these steps

  1. Extract the ESP8266 Deauther zip you downloaded
  2. Go into the esp8266_deauther folder and open esp8266_deauther.ino with Arduino IDE
  3. In Arduino IDE, go to File > Preferences and add this URL to the Additional Boards Manager URLs:
  4. Now go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager, search deauther and install Deauther ESP8266 Boards
  5. Select your board at Tools > Board and be sure it is at Deauther ESP8266 Boards (and not at ESP8266 Modules)!
  6. Plugin your Deauther and select its COM port at Tools > Port
  7. Press upload

Done ๐ŸŽ‰