Huhnitor: A rust-based Serial Monitor

Huhnitor: A rust-based Serial Monitor


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We just released a new version of Huhnitor, so we figured it's about time this project gets its own blog post!

About the Project

Huhnitor Start Screen

Huhnitor is a serial monitor that runs in the terminal. It's made specifically for Deauther V3 - which is accessible only through a serial command line.

It's a lot easier to use than other serial terminals. You just start it, plug in your deauther, and you're good to go. It uses 115200 baud and \n line ending. As long as your serial device uses the same settings, you can use Huhnitor for any project.

It even supports color-coded output to help make the Deauther V3 output easier to read.

Because Huhnitor is written in Rust, it's cross-platform compatible and can be easily compiled to run on new platforms. Huge thanks to James for coding and maintaining the project!

Where to find Huhnitor

Huhnitor is an open-source project you can find on Github:

We also have an installation tutorial on this blog:


Serial Huhn me

Serial Huhn Me Screenshot

We get it if you're not a big fan of using the terminal! That's why we made - a web-based serial monitor that runs in your browser.



Arduino Serial Monitor

Our next best recommendation is the Arduino Serial Monitor. It's built into Arduino and will work with any serial device. Since Arduino is needed for many projects anyway, it's often already installed. Recently they added a CLI version too:


There are plenty more ways of getting a serial terminal. There's Putty, screen, and minicom, just to name a few. Choose your poison. The best software is always the one that works best for You.