In September 2021, we started this very blog! 🎉  
Since then, we have published a new post every week. This one is our 16th. But did you know you can subscribe to any blog the same way you subscribe to podcasts?

Spacehuhn Blog

RSS Feed

RSS is a standard that allows you to subscribe to content like blog posts, podcasts, news articles, tweets or Youtube videos.
Learn more about RSS:

Like most blogs, we have an RSS feed available at That means you can follow our blog the same way you can follow a podcast. All you need is a good App!

RSS Reader Apps

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For IOS & MacOS, we highly recommend NetNewsWire. It is easy to use, has a great UI, and makes following RSS feeds effortless. But the best thing about it is that it's free and open-source!

For Android, we liked Aggregator the most since it's straightforward to use, and the UI is less cluttered than other popular apps like Feedly or gReader.

But there are plenty more RSS readers out there for every platform!

Blogs to follow

We might be biased on this one, but consider following our blog ( if you're into open-source hacking gadgets.

Other exciting blogs we are following include:

Other ways to follow

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Like many other blogs, we have social media accounts that post every time a new blog post goes live. So you could, for example, follow us on Twitter @spacehuhntech and be notified there. But it's easy to scroll past a tweet or get distracted by everything else happening on social media.

The other alternative is an email newsletter. But getting even more emails is annoying, and they might get lost in your inbox too.

Meanwhile, having a dedicated App for reading and following blogs is much more convenient since you won't be distracted, and you can be sure to never miss anything. Besides, it's great having a simple overview of all posts and seeing which ones you have or haven't read yet.

Your Opinion

We would love to know which blogs you follow and whether or not you found another RSS reader that is better than the ones mentioned. So feel free to leave a comment down below! 😊

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