A reference of all ESP8266 Deauther settings as well as a tutorial on how to change them.

Changing a setting using the Web Interface

ESP8266 Deauther V2 Settings page
  1. Connect to the WiFi network pwnedwith password deauther
  2. Open in a browser
  3. Navigate to Settings (navbar on the right)
  4. Adjust the settings to your preference
  5. Click save (on the left, above the list)

Changing a setting using the Serial Connection

You need a serial connection for this one. You can use Huhnitor, Arduino Serial Monitor, or our new serial.huhn.me website. Learn more in our blog post about the Deauther Serial Interface.

  1. Open a Serial Terminal of your choice
  2. Connect your Deauther/ESP8266 Board (115200baud, \n)
  3. To view your current settings type get settings
  4. To change a setting, use the set command. For example: set password "my new cool pswd"
  5. To save your settings type save

All settings (reference table)

Setting Default Info
version Version number, i.e. v2.0. Can only be changed in the source code.
ssid pwned SSID of access point used for the web interface (if enabled). The length must be between 1 and 31 characters.
password deauther Password of access point used for the web interface (if enabled). The length must be between 8 and 31 characters.
channel 1 Default WiFi channel used when starting.
hidden false Hides the access point used for the web interface.
captivePortal true Enables captive portal for access point (if enabled).
lang en Default language for the web interface. Be sure the language file exists!
autosave true Enables automatic saving of SSIDs, device names, and settings.
autosaveTime 30000 Time interval for automatic saving in milliseconds.
displayInterface false Enables display interface.
displayTimeout 600 Time in seconds, after which the display turns off when inactive. To disable the timeout, set it to 0.
serialInterface true Enables serial interface.
serialEcho true Enables echo for each incoming message over serial.
webInterface false Enables web interface.
webSpiffs false Enables SPIFFS for all web files. Makes uploading new web files easier, at the cost of longer loading times.
ledEnabled true Enables the (RGB) LED feature.
maxCh 13 Max channel to scan on. US = 11, EU = 13, Japan = 14.
macAP Mac address used for the access point mode. Set a random mac address with set macap random.
macSt Mac address used for the station mode. Set a random mac address with set macst random.
chTime 384 Time for scanning one channel before going to the next in milliseconds (only if channel hopping is enabled).
minDeauths 3 Minimum number of deauthentication frames when scanning to change the LED to deauth mode.
attackTimeout 600 Amount of time (in seconds), after which the attack will stop automatically. Set it to 0 to disable it.
forcePackets 1 How many attempts to send out a packet. Set this value higher to achieve a better packet rate in a busy area. This setting could make the device slower or more unstable. Max value is 255.
deauthsPerTarget 10 Amount of deauthentication and disassociation frames sent per target.
deauthReason 1 The reason code sent in the deauth frames. Tells the target device why the connection will be closed.
beaconChannel false Sends all beacon and probe frames on different channels.
beaconInterval false Send beacon frame each second (true). Or send them each 100ms (false). A longer interval means more stability and less spamming of packets, but it could take longer until clients see them.
randomTX false Enables randomized transmission power for sending out beacon and probe request frames.
probesPerSSID 1 How many probe requests send per SSID.

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