Adding Wireless Charging to HackHeld

Adding Wireless Charging to HackHeld


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Hackheld is a DIY, open-source, hackable handheld designed to be easy to build and customize. And with a simple mod, it can run on a battery. But here, we will go one step further and add Qi wireless charging!

Turns out it's quite easy to do and cheap as well.

What you need

This might be obvious, but you need a HackHeld Vega II and the battery mod. You can get both at my online store:

And I highly recommend you get a nice transparent case with enough space for the battery and the wireless charging circuit:

You also need a wireless charging circuit. I used this one from AliExpress for 3€, but others work, too:


For instructions on how to assemble your hackheld, check the documentation.

Once you have everything and the HackHeld is assembled and working, adding the wireless charging circuit is quite easy.

The wireless charging PCB has 2 wires. Red goes to VBUS, and Black goes to GND. You can also use a multimeter to double-check the polarity.

  • VBUS (red) is the same pin you soldered the little red from the battery mod to.

  • GND (black) is the pin next to it.

Back of HackHeld with soldered cables of wireless charging module


The wireless charging module came with a magnetic sticker. Use it to mount the coil to the case.

Make sure that when you screw on the case, that nothing is pressing on the battery!

Back side of HackHeld with case next to it. Wireless charging module inside of case.

Side view of assembled HackHeld


Now, you can put your HackHeld on a wireless charging pad and enjoy the success of having built something cool and modified it to be even cooler.

HackHeld chilling on a ikea wireless charger