With 2021 being over, it's a good time to reflect on what we were able to achieve and share our goals for 2022.

Recap of 2021

We're happy to say that we achieved quite a bit last year, let's recap the most important developments.

Photo by Kaleidico / Unsplash

🐔 We remade our website spacehuhn.com.
🥳 Our discord community has grown to over 900 members!
👀 Our most popular project ESP8266 Deauther got a big update with version 2.6!
📈 We brought you the Malduino W in collaboration with Maltronics.
🦆 This also allowed us to update our WiFi Duck project to version 1.1.
📺 8 new videos were published on our Youtube channel last year.
💪 We released the Hackheld, a hackable and DIY-able ESP8266 based handheld.
❤️ In an attempt to become less dependent on video sponsors, we started a Ko-fi page where a lot of you jumped in to support our work.

✨ And of course, we started this very Blog! ✨

Thank you all for participating in our adventure. We recently announced the closure of our store, but this doesn't mean we will disappear. In fact, we have big plans!

Future Goals

Photo by Drew Beamer / Unsplash

Rebrand 🐔

This year we want to focus more on creating and less on selling. We closed our store, because we don't want to be a marketplace, but a brand that's known for making quality open-source hacking tools.

New Projects 🚀

We have multiple brand new projects in the pipeline, but some old projects will return too. Both the ESP8266 Deauther and the Hackheld will get some exciting new updates! New collaborations are being forged, too. We can't wait to tell you about them 😊

Educational Content 👩‍🏫

A thing we want to put more emphasis on is content with educational value. We will continue to publish to this blog weekly, but we're also thinking about live streams and regular Youtube videos.

Improve Documentation 📝

The spacehuhn wiki also desperately needs an update. We will continue to make blog posts with tutorials and explanations to supplement the existing wiki, but our long-term plan is to make a new documentation page from scratch.

Offset CO2 🌲

A more long-term goal is to become carbon neutral and then net positive.
We know this will be a journey and we're preparing for it. We expect this to be an ongoing effort, so hopefully, we can get the ball rolling in 2022.

Your thoughts

Let us know what you think. What are you excited about or would like to see from us?

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Happy new year 2022! 🐓🎉